Special Polishing Paste

  • Secure lifeboats through radiant shine
  • U.N. 110 and U.N. P101 the experts for perfect polishing. 100% brilliant
  • Permanent long-lasting protection for glossy surfaces
  • High acceptance by port authorities
  • Nano sealing

Field of Application:

  • U.N. 110 is a special polishing paste with a high content of abrasive substances
  • U.N. 110 is used to remove weathered gelcoats of lifeboats
  • U.N. 110 makes the surface shine like new again. It can be dispensed with repainting of dull and weathered boats. We recommend to use a polishing machine when working with U.N. 110 and U.N. P101
  • U.N. P101 is the subsequent high-gloss polish incl. nano protection
  • is abrasive-free
  • is also suitable for polishing free from streaks of windows, mirrors and lacquered furniture


  • no painting of lifeboats
  • long-lasting protection due to high adhesion of the protective components
  • high acceptance by port authorities
  • removes scratches from windows