In 1984, Udo Nüske founded the company U.N. Produkte at his private residence in Geesthacht. In 1989, the current location was built in the industrial zone. In 1990, Oliver Nüske joined the company. In 2010, the new storage building ha ving a size of 800m2 was put into service. From 2016 the son of Oliver Nüske, Nico Nüske operates in the family business. Efficiency, economy and ecology have top priority in the production of our cleaning agents. The used raw materials mainly consist of renewable components and are phosphat free. Since 2011, our power supply has been taken over by an on-site photovoltaic system. U.N. Products are very successfully used in the automotive industry, aviation industry, shipping industry and even in the food industry. With our products, we are setting new standards. Our extensive range of products covers the required demand for cleaning agents in all areas. Our team always strives to meet customer requests in order to render the almost impossible possible.

As far as clean liness is concerned, U.N. Products always offer a solution and they are easy to apply and to process. U.N. Products are also available abroad. Try us, we are convincing!