• U.N. 001 cleans textiles from private laundry up to work clothes
  • U.N. 001 is automatically added into the washing machine using the U.N. dosing pump type /S


U.N. 001 …

  • is very economical. The quantity added per wash is
  • 30 – 90 g given 4.5 kg of laundry
  • No prewash program when washing with soft water
  • In most cases it can be dispensed with a fabric softener
  • Dermatologically tested

Notes: U.N. 001 should absolutely be added into the washing machine using our U.N. dosing pump type/S. This way, overdosing is excluded and the economic potential of U.N. 001 is fully exploited. The service life of the washing machines is considerably increased. Overfoaming of the
machine and consequential damages are prevented.