removes rust from stainless steel
removes oxide from aluminium
passivates the surface
high viscose

  • U.N. 131 is useful and effective inside and outside
  • U.N. 131 removes all typical dirt from stainless steel
  • U.N. 131 is pleasant to work with
  • U.N. 131 is applied manually or with our U.N. Jumbo

Generally U.N. 131 is used as a concentrate. Apply to the surface and let it work for 5 min to 15 min. Support cleaning mechanically and subsequently rinse well with water.
Attention: Do not use the product in bright sunlight and do not let it dry out.


Always use chemical resistant protection equipment:



Normal useConcentrate
For Aluminium1:2 – 1:10
These are recommendations only and optimal values should be determined by means of a practical test.
Safety measures for operator protection:
Concentrated, U.N. 131 is a hazardous material.

Please heed the rules of application and see operational instructions and safety data sheets.

Minimum durability: 2 years from the date of delivery. Store at room temperature, keep dry and protected from the sun. We recommend checking surfaces for