U.N. 38 is a high-quality care product for parts made of plastic, rubber, vinyl, synthetic leather, Stainless steel etc.
U.N. 38 is used with great success to produce the final finish when valeting cars.
U.N. 38 is easy to use and has a pleasant odour.
U.N. 38 is largely weather-resistant, so vehicle value is maintained.


  • U.N. 38 is a mild, silicon-oil-based conditioner offering surface protection.
  • U.N. 38 gives steel an excellent shine.
  • U.N. 38 is successfully used for regular cleaning of lifts and canteen kitchen.


  • U.N. 38 is quick and easy to apply.
  • U.N. 38 has a pleasant odour.
  • U.N. 38 offers permanent protection.

30 l canister