The STARALIN U.N. 402 façade and lorry-wash tile cleaner is a high-quality, hydrofluoric-acid containing concentrate. Simply spray on, leave to take effect for a while and rinse off. The surface will look as clean as new. STARALIN U.N. 402 is also ideal for pre-treating untreated aluminium prior to painting and the removal of unsightly signs of oxidisation on aluminium dumper trucks.


  • Stone and clinker facades.
  • Tiles in lorry wash bays resistant to hydrofluoric acid.
  • Pre-treatment of untreated aluminium prior to painting.
  • Cleaning of highly weathered aluminium parts. (aluminium dumper trucks)


  • Spray on using the “Jumbo” sprayer, leave to take effect briefly and blast off with an HP jet washer.
  • Apply manually, allow to work and rinse off.
  • U.N. 402 attacks glass surfaces.


  • U.N. 402 almost always means you do not have to use mechanical support.
  • U.N. 402 allows formation of a water-impermeable layer on clinker facades.
  • Facades look as if they have just been laid.
  • Highly weathered aluminium parts shine like new.


  • The detergents used comply with (EC) Regulation No 648/2004 on detergents and are very biodegradable.
  • U.N. 402 contains no halogen compounds or heavy metals and is AOX-free.
  • Neutralises, bears no risks if used in water-treatment plants.


  • 33 kg canister