Field of Application:

  • U.N. 440 is a high-performance solvent mixture
  • U.N. 440 dissolves grease and oil sludge
  • U.N. 440 Cleaning of separators and casings
  • U.N. 440 Cleaning of lubricating oil and fuel filters
  • U.N. 440 is suitable for the application in immersion baths


  • U.N. 440 …
  • is a very fast-acting cold cleaner
  • can be disposed of via the sludge tank
  • has a very fast cleaning performance
  • long service life in the bath

U.N. Cleaning Lance

The U.N. Filter cleaning lance with the rotating nozzle cleans sure and effectiv all tissues plug and screw filter cartridges.


  • easy to use.
  • safe for the user
  • quick cleaning
  • super cleaning results
  • low differential pressure
  • reduced cleaning intervals
  • 99% cleaning results
  • robust construction of the lance