This quick-drying, alkaline cleaner can be used in many different fields. With a residual oil content in water of < 12 mg/l in concentrated form, it is way below legal thresholds. U.N. 505 has an excellent formula that helps remove all organic dirt, such as oil, rust, diesel mist, etc. in a matter of seconds.


  • cars / lorries
  • food industry
  • cleaning of buildings
  • in the home


  • Spray on with the “Jumbo” sprayer, then blast off using high-pressure jet washer
  • apply manually
  • foam canon
  • use HP device
  • in washing water


  • demulsifier
  • all known possibilities
  • non-corrosive
  • pleasant odour
  • highly miscible with water makes it highly economical
  • highly versatile, so economical due to reduced storage costs
  • U.N. 500 meets the strict DEKRA requirements
  • U.N. 500 is licensed for use in Daimler-Chrysler workshops


  • The detergents used comply with (EC) Regulation No 648/2004 on detergents and are very biodegradable.
  • U.N. 500 contains no halogen compounds or heavy metals and is AOX-free.
  • U.N. 505 does not induce heavy-metal mobilisation
  • U.N. 505 contains no NTAs or EDTAs


  • 33 kg canister

From the outset U.N. products are always designed with the environment in mind.
Take the U.N. 505 cleaner – ideal not just because of its effectiveness but also its gentle cleaning action and eco-friendly properties in waste water:

Traditional cleaner: how it works

Limits far exceeded:
residual oil content greater than 20 mg/l

Traditional detergents generate a residual oil content in waste water often above legal thresholds. This means considerable extra costs for the user.

“Prior to installation of emulsion separators, you must always check whether the emulsions can be entirely avoided by using suitable cleaners, by reducing pressure and temperature, by changing operating procedures, and so on”.
„Quote from Braunschweig Highways Department“

U.N. 505: how it works

U.N. 505 allows washed-out oils to quickly climb back up inside the separator. The unit functions properly.

U.N. 505 demulsifies:
residual oil content 10.7 mg/l
in concentrate

Properly used, U.N. products – especially U.N. 505 – can help users meet (and even fall short of) legal thresholds. Huge cost savings.

“Test results show that in terms of residual oil content the product (U.N. 505) meets standards such as ÖNORM B 5104 (sewage behaviour of cleaning agents)”.