Electric Cleaner 

  • Very mild cold cleaner
  • Odourless
  • Super-fast separation in the bilge water
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Waterfree grease removal

Field of Application: 

  • is a very mild solvent mixture. The aromatic content is < 0.08 % by weight
  • is used to remove oils and greases
  • can be used in both a parts washer and an immersion bath
  • can also be used for manual cleaning. Spray it onto the surface and subsequently wipe it off with a cloth
  • is particularly suitable for cleaning of electric devices: e.g. electric motors, generators, controllers, control cabinets and printed circuit boards


  • is technically free of aromatics and thus odourless
  • has a very low conductivity, dielectric strength > 70 kv/cm
  • remains passive against all insulations of electric devices
  • evaporates entirely, VZ 65
  • can not be mixed with water and does not generate an emulsion
  • can be disposed of via the sludge tank or the bilge oil separator